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Endereço do BrazilJS:
Teatro do Bourbon Country (Endereço: Av. Túlio de Rose, 80 – Porto Alegre/RS - CEP: 91340-110 – Fone: (51) 3361.7399)

Horário das Palestras:

quinta-feira, 21 de agosto
Horário da palestras Descrição da palestra
08:00 Credenciais/Check-in
09:00 Abertura

Renato Mangini

Why ServiceWorker may be the next big thing

In this session, we will learn about the new ServiceWorker specification that Google, Mozilla and others are developing and how it can fill the gap between native apps and the web. We will also hear about the upcoming derived specs that will allow you to run web apps in the background, receive push notifications and much more.

10:10 Coffee-Break

Chris Miller

Frontend at Scale - The Tumblr Story

Growing to become one of the largest sites on the Internet comes with a unique set of problems. Learning how to and adopt, and doing so without losing sight of content creator's voice proves tricky. This talk details some of the frontend tools we've built and approaches we've taken to service our millions of users at scale.


Nick Desaulniers

Intro to GFX: Raw WebGL

Graphics programming is significantly different than DOM manipulation. What does low level graphics programming look like without high level abstractions? WebGL provides us low level capabilities for high quality real time rendering portably in the browser.

12:10 Almoço

Jörn Zaefferer

Effective jQuery

Patterns for maintainability and performance


Chris Mills

Web versus native: round 1?

In this talk, Chris Mills will discuss the historic problems with web apps and which technologies are stepping up to fill the holes. This includes device APIs such as Web Activities, Camera, device orientation and nfc, offline apps (which are finally looking realistic thanks to service workers), installable apps, and high quality games and other immersive high performance experiences using such features as Web audio API, Pointer lock, asm.js and Emscripten.


Mauricio Wolff

Limpando CSS gigantes com JS

Sabe aquele momento em que o seu CSS tem tantos seletores que é melhor correr o risco de duplicar seletores do que quebrar algo? Neste talk vamos ver como utilizar JS para limpar CSS legado em websites gigantes, rodando testes AB e com múltiplos desenvolvedores.

16:00 Coffee-Break

Eduardo Lundgren

Single Page Applications Done Right

Even modest improvements in latency can have measurable impact on a website usage. As such, sites should have aggressive goals for both actual and user perceived latency. The most obvious metric is load time, also websites often optimize and minify resources, however, even with cached resources the browser still has to re-parse and execute the CSS and JS on every page load, it still has to lay out the HTML and redraw the UI. This slows down the actual navigation but can also add perceived slowness and often introduces a white flash. In order to improve actual and perceived latencies many sites are moving to the Single Page Application (SPA) model. These days the approach is widely employed by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, and Flickr. These examples all feel kind of app-y. Sites with more traditional layouts can still reap the benefits. Some other folks like is technologically a single page application but it is intended to feel like a traditional website. This talk is going to teach you how to use a hybrid rendering model in an attempt to get the best out of both worlds.

17:30 Guillermo Rauch
sexta-feira, 22 de agosto
Horário da palestras Descrição da palestra

Jacob Page

From commit to prod in 5 minutes

Continuous Delivery without Continuous Disappointment is very hard to do. Here is the workflow, tools, and my team uses to help us automatically deploy our JavaScript to production continuously without worrying about breaking prod.

10:10 Coffee-Break

Ricardo Tomasi

Frontend was always my favorite color

Ser um bom developer envolve mais do que habilidade técnica e conhecimento de linguagens, boas práticas e bibliotecas ou frameworks. Esta talk é uma coletânea de coisas que aprendi (the hard way) sobre colaborar com outros seres humanos, evoluir, e contribuir de maneira mais eficiente e produtiva em uma equipe de frontend.


Jonathan Sampson

Mastering IE’s updated F12 tools

The F12 tools in Internet Explorer 11 are updated every few months with new features such as “just my code” debugging, source map support, and even richer performance and memory management tools. Come and learn about how to use these new features to test and debug the web with IE11.

12:10 Almoço

Rob Dodson

The Web Component Ecosystem

Web Components give us the power to invent our own HTML elements, designed to be future-facing, interoperable, and beautiful on the multi-device web. With tools like Polymer and X-Tag, we can start taking advantage of this new technology today. Let’s take a look at some of the amazing elements that are already being produced, and explore how you can start leveraging them in your own projects.


Leonardo Balter

Data-biding [R]evolution

O ecossistema de desenvolvimento se direciona cada vez mais para soluções com data-bindings. Popularizado em ferramentas como o Backbone, Angular e Ember, agora essa evolução passa a fazer parte das especificações do ES6 e ES7.


Miller Medeiros

AST, CST e Ferramentas Incríveis

A palestra será sobre AST (árvore de sintaxe abstrata) e ferramentas de manipulação de código. Muitos desenvolvedores de JavaScript não possuem um diploma de Ciência da Computação ou qualquer tipo de treinamento formal em programação, e esse é um assunto pouco discutido e de difícil acesso, minha intenção é mostrar casos de uso e explicar como que a "mágica" funciona. Existe uma carência enorme de ferramentas nessa área e a maioria das pessoas não sabem por onde começar, pretendo desmitificar e introduzir o tema de uma forma técnica mas de fácil compreensão.

16:00 Coffee Break

Yehuda Katz

A Day in the Life of an Ember Developer

In this talk, Yehuda will walk you through the tools most Ember developers use for day-to-day development, and show you how an Ember developer would think about adding a feature to an existing application. Instead of focusing on yet another Hello World, this talk will show you what it’s like to add features to real-world apps.

17:30 Ricardo Cabello (Mr. Doob)
18:30 Encerramento